Xiamen Hai Zhi Yuan Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and engaged seafood for over 12 years.
    We also own a trading company with total assets of 400 million dollars and a land area of 1600 square meters.
    Our company located in Xiamen city (special economic zone), Fujian province, near to Xiamen port, within 10 kilometers, and take around 1 hour to Xiamen Gaoqi international airport.
Our main products include: bonito, sardine, mackerel, yellow fin tuna and skipjack and albacore for canning processing and marketing sales.
    our experienced employees go to many cities and piers for gather information, and send us videos and photos as soon as they can.
    Social network is one of our advantages, we know how to deal with Chinese. our partners will help us once they would know what we are trying to accomplish. this is our advantage which can’t copy in a short time. we’ve been working on these social network for years with Chinese businessman and government.
    in others words, we are your eyes in China.
    As for storage. after we purchase raw material fish from fisherman, and we rent cold room store up our fish (total capability over 10,000 tons), we currently rent many cold rooms in many coastal provinces and cities to prepare export.
    We work with many factories which can offer SGS, H A C C P, I S O 9 0 0 1 etc. certs.。