writer:haizhiyuan | time:2022-09-23 15:55:15

  The most beautiful time of the year has arrived - the autumnal equinox, the fourth festival of autumn and the sixteenth of the twenty-four solar terms.

  This season is cool and dry, with occasional rains, and when the rain pours down and rustles the laurel with transparent droplets soaking the damp air, it fills the eyes and the heart with nothing but the sweet fragrance that fills the nose.


  The autumn equinox is not only a comfortable and pleasant season, it is also an important time in agriculture. The rapid cooling of autumn temperatures makes the "three busiest times" - autumn harvest, autumn ploughing and autumn planting - particularly stressful.

  Autumn is also a good time to take a tonic, but many people will gain weight as a result, so try fish. Fish in autumn is not only tasty and low in fat, but also has a high nutritional value.

  The popsicles are not yet finished, but the summer is about to hit its stride; the cola is still bubbling, but autumn has long since crept in. At dusk, it is most enjoyable to go for a walk in the wilderness with a small basket against the setting sun and pick up a few leaves to put in the basket.