Start a new round of "farming the sea"!
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2022-08-30 16:44:39

On August 16, after three and a half months of fishing moratorium, some waters in Fujian officially opened for fishing! On the same day, 10,457 fishing boats in the province ended their fishing moratorium, and fishermen went out to the ocean to start a new round of "farming the sea".


On August 16, Dongshan County started a full-scale fishing season, and 785 fishing boats set sail with the expectation of a new round of sea farming. At noon that day, many fishing boats from Longhai, Dongshan and Zhaoan fishing ports in Zhangzhou were escorted by Zhangzhou Marine Police vessels and went to different sea areas for fishing operations.

The fishing moratorium is a system to protect fishery resources approved by the relevant state departments and organised by the competent fishery administrative departments.

It stipulates that all types of operations, except fishing gears, and fishing support vessels serving fishing vessels, are not allowed to engage in fishing operations at certain times of the year and in certain waters.

The system is also known as the fishing moratorium because it falls during the three volcanic seasons each year.