Hongdong Fishery: Sail, break through the waves and break through the dark blue
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:28:44

It is a country in northwest Africa, close to the Sahara desert in the north and west to the Atlantic Ocean. There, although there is only boundless desert at a glance, nature has given this country a precious fortune?? Fishery resources.

"The beach is full of conch, and fishermen will throw too many fish on the beach." In October 2010, Lan Pingyong, the chairman of Fujian Fuzhou Hongdong Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd., who first visited nouadb, was keenly aware that the local fishery resources were abundant, but the processing and preservation technologies were backward and the development space was huge. Then, he decided to build a modern large ocean fishing base on this barren coast.

Since 2011, Lan Pingyong has led Hongdong employees to invest 200 million US dollars in nouadb, Poland to build docks, cold storage, processing plants, ship repair plants, ice-making plants, seawater desalination plants, staff training centers, living quarters are equal to a modern fishery base covering an area of 90,000 square meters.

After a few years of development, the CBD base in Hongdong has become the largest offshore fishery base built overseas by Chinese enterprises. Now, there are 25 containers and more than 2500 tons of fish goods every week, from which they are sent to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, China and other places. According to reports, the base generated more than 60 million US dollars for Hongdong company in 2016.

Hongdong model won praise from all parties

Lohamedi is an ordinary member of the 2,000 African employees of the HTC. His employment experience is also a microcosm of Hongdong's large number of urbanized employees.

Six years ago, lohamedi was still an unemployed person, and even his basic life was very difficult. Now, he can get an average salary of more than 1,000 yuan per month, which is twice the local average. Not only that, what made him more happy was that the company arranged for everyone to participate in various technical trainings, and they could learn a lot of knowledge such as fish identification, safe production, fishing technology, fish processing, management technology, etc.

As the largest foreign-funded company in Botswana, Hongdong has created 2,000 jobs for the local area, trained hundreds of fishery technicians, and directly brought nearly 300 million US dollars of investment to the local area. By extending the industrial chain, the project also drives relevant supporting enterprises to invest in the local area, increasing the gross domestic product of Botswana, which has a positive impact on the development of local politics, economy, employment, taxation and fishery in Botswana.

Ahab is a local supplier of fishing vessel engines and lubricants in Jamaica and has cooperated with Hongdong for many years. He said that Hongdong is his biggest customer and it is a great honor to cooperate. "Now, our company has expanded its octopus processing business and hopes to cooperate with Hongdong in this field." He said.

"More importantly, Hongdong's entry has developed fishery resources of middle and lower levels, such as sardines, bream, Beatles and so on, making the utilization of local resources more balanced and reasonable." Nani, minister of fishery and marine economic development of Jamaica, fully affirmed Hongdong's contribution to fishery resources protection and employment training.

The road of Fujian enterprises to sea is getting wider and wider

For a long time, the Nigerian government has a high threshold and a "zero tolerance" regulation for the protection and development of fishery resources. Chen Zeyan, the president of Fujian Ocean Fishery Development Promotion Association, said that African countries hope that we can develop ocean fishery, not to go away after fishing, but to build bases, processing plants and cold chain logistics in the local area, it can solve the local employment problem, enrich the local market and bring benefits to the local people.

"The investment cooperation mode of Hongdong 'base + fleet + fishery resource' is very popular in the local area." Chen Zhongjie, the secretary of the board of directors of Hongdong Fishery, introduced that the government of Jamaica has also given Hongdong more preferential policies. There are 169 fishing boats that have obtained fishing licenses in the local area.

It is understood that Hongdong, who has increased its confidence, also plans to invest 450 million US dollars to build a West African fishery base with a point-to-face combination, centering on the construction of the fishing ground resources such as Sierra Leone and Morocco. At the same time, Hongdong also carries out fishery cooperation with Mozambique and Tanzania around the Mozambique Strait, thus radiating the exclusive economic zones of the Indian Ocean and the countries around the Mozambique Strait.

Hongdong's success not only brought its own development to a new level, but also accumulated a good reputation for Fujian enterprises entering Africa. Many African countries threw "olive branch" to Fujian enterprises ". Nani, minister of the Ministry of fishery and marine economic development of Botswana, said that he hoped more Fujian enterprises could follow Hongdong's track, whether it was industry, agriculture or tertiary industry, all can take Hongdong as an example to invest in Botswana.

Recently, Prime Minister trovada of Sao Tome and Principe also went to Fujian province to seek cooperation. He said that the country hopes to cooperate with relevant departments in Fujian in fishery and introduce a series of encouraging policies, such as providing financing and diesel subsidies, strengthening support for ship maintenance and cargo transfer, etc, to attract experienced Fujian enterprises to invest.