Liaoning creates aquatic products "delicious feast" the first aquatic products Expo opens on Decembe
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:42:53

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, December 12 (Zhao Jiantong) our website learned from the marine and fishery department of Liaoning province that the first Liaoning sea cucumber festival and famous aquatic products expo will be held in Shenyang from December 20-25. At that time, Liaoning ginseng, Dalian abalone, scallop with shrimps, more than 600 kinds of famous and special aquatic products such as Panjin crab, Dandong mixed clam and Yingkou jellyfish will be unveiled.

According to Qian Jin, director of the processing and circulation department of Liaoning Ocean and Fishery Department, this Expo is the largest aquatic product event in Liaoning province, and it is also a comprehensive and centralized exhibition of Liaoning fishery, with an exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters. At present, Liaoyu Group, Liaoning Ocean fishery, Liaoning Water Resources Group, Zhangzi Island group, Ocean Island Aquatic Products Group, Shangpin Tang sea cucumber, 171 enterprises, such as Liaoning province's large-scale fishery enterprises such as photosynthesis crab industry and excellent fishery enterprises from 14 cities, have decided to participate in the exhibition. The exhibits gather seawater and fresh water, including fish, shrimp, seven categories: crab, shellfish, algae, ginseng and stung.

During the exhibition, Liaoning famous aquatic products purchasing and ordering conference will be held at the same time, the theme report of "strategic opportunity and innovative thinking of marine food under the background of supply-side structural reform", on-site production and tasting of aquatic products and dishes, liaoning famous aquatic products brand appraisal and other on-site activities.

In addition, the organizing committee of aquatic products expo will specially hire chefs from Shenyang and other places as well as chefs from participating enterprises to produce sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchins, oysters, crabs, river fish, Turbot, Undaria pinnatifida and other dishes at the exhibition site, create Liaoning Aquatic Products "delicious feast". Zhu Guangshan, the head of the organizing committee, said: "The competent government department will organize professional inspection agencies to conduct spot checks on the aquatic products to ensure the quality and safety of the products."

Liaoning has two seas of Huang Bo, many rivers and reservoirs, rich fishery resources, the output of aquatic products ranks the sixth in the country, the per capita aquatic products account for 120 kilograms, it is an important aquatic product processing and circulation base in Bohai Rim and even Northeast Asia. Qian Jin said that the purpose of this exhibition is to expand the influence of Liaoning Aquatic Products brand and build a supply-demand docking platform for fishing merchants.