Xiamen haizhiyuan Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is located in the beautiful future coast of Xiamen (beside Haicang Songyu frontier defense office). It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the production and processing of aquatic products and import and export trade, it covers an area of 1600 square meters and a construction area of 1600 square meters. The company has strong technical force, standardized management, excellent equipment and advanced technology. Equipped with aquatic product testing equipment, it has professional inspection and testing technicians. He obtained the food hygiene license in 2008; He obtained the national industrial product production license in 2009; He applied for the HACCP certification of international aquatic products in 2010.

         The company has set up well-equipped aquatic product processing workshops, frozen storage, product research and development rooms and laboratories for domestic and foreign supermarket markets. The annual production and processing capacity is 1500 Mt. Adhere to the concept of "quality first, honest management", with advanced production equipment, exquisite processing technology, professional production technology, high-quality quality assurance, for each batch of products storage, production, processing, transportation and other links are strictly managed, paying attention to details.

         The company owns a freezer which can hold 800 tons, food quick-freezing processing production line and other main equipment and advanced inspection and testing facilities. The company has been processing in strict accordance with the requirements of the import and export aquatic products specifications since it was put into operation, and has established a complete HACCP quality control system, a strict and perfect product quality management system, the quality of the products is fully guaranteed and an excellent reputation is established for the company.

         The company carries out production under the food safety management system (HACCP), mainly processing aquatic products: Squid Head, squid meat, squid beard, cod fillets, shrimp kernels; Offshore acquisition and processing of Sea spotted shrimp, bucket Pomfret, grouper, high-grade fish such as yellow croaker; Distribution of high-grade hotels, supermarkets, Japanese cuisine, General Catering, etc.; At the same time, production of high-grade seafood gift box during the Spring Festival and festivals, supply to the market and enterprises and institutions.

          The company has the right to import and export, and invests a lot of money to import and export aquatic products, as well as chicken, duck, pig, cattle and other split products (acting as the high-quality products of large poultry manufacturers) and catering seasonings, and set up wholesale outlets in large and medium-sized cities across the country.

          With the first-class team efforts, the company takes "quality as the first goal, consumer satisfaction as the ultimate purpose", and leads the market with preferential prices. The company can undertake the processing of aquatic products externally, frozen goods storage, agent of the import and export business of aquatic products, and the business of seafood gifts during the Spring Festival. Customers from home and abroad are welcome to visit and cooperate. In the beautiful environment near the mountain and the river, with the advantage of Haicang tax free zone and port, we can take advantage of the East Wind of Haixi to build a high-quality enterprise brand.