Entering the fishing moratorium!
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2022-05-31 16:34:50

   The annual fishing moratorium in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea has arrived

   What is the fishing moratorium?

   Closed season is a system to protect fishery resources approved by the relevant state departments and organized and implemented by the competent fishery administrative departments. It is based on the growth and breeding season habits of aquatic resources, etc., to avoid the growth and breeding time of their seedlings, and play a role in preventing the decline of populations caused by overfishing.

   This year, the South China Sea fishing moratorium began at 12:00 on May 1, 2022 and ended at 12:00 on August 16, for a period of three and a half months. The target of the fishing moratorium is all operating fishing vessels and fishing support vessels except fishing gear fishing vessels.

   But the pelagic fishing is not affected. Many tuna are caught pelagic. You can contact us if you need it!