It's time to go fishing !
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2021-08-31 09:32:38

In China, in order to protect the ecosystem of Marine life, fishing bans in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea start from July 1, June 15 and June 1 each year for two and a half months, three months and two months respectively.

During that time, offshore fishing boats were banned from fishing.This is the breeding season for Marine fish and it's also a time for conservation and sustainable fishing.Summer is an important period for the breeding and growth of the main economic fish in the ocean.Practice over the years has proved that fishing moratorium in summer season can protect the main commercial fish and young fish resources, make the Marine fishery resources get recuperation, and have obvious ecological benefits.Fishing boats also save on production costs during the moratorium, and catch yields and quality improve after the moratorium.

After a three-month fishing moratorium, fujian opened at 12 o 'clock on August 16.Thousands of fishing boats towards the vast sea, I hope they will go smoothly, safe and loaded!