The effect and function of the baranga fish
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2021-05-12 10:15:33

Barang fish muscular, delicious meat, value is not high, health care effect is particularly excellent.So what are its health benefits?What benefits do people get from eating parham fish?

The effect and function of the baranga fish

1. Supplement protein

Barang fish is a kind of high protein and low fat aquatic food material. People can absorb a lot of protein after eating it, and protein is essential nutrient for the normal work of various organs of the human body. They can promote the metabolism of the body and also improve the function of the body.

2, the brain

Human beings want to have a smart brain, all want to become smarter, eat some sea fish can make these dreams come true, because the sea fish contain lecithin and trace element selenium and magnesium nutrition ingredients are all natural ingredients for brain, can also make the memory can not only promote the intellectual growth, can make people think more clearly the brain react faster.

3, wind removal and dehumidification

Functions of dehumidification is also one of the important effect of sea fish, it can speed up the body wet poison eduction, mild can prevent rheumatism bone pain, and usually people with rheumatoid arthritis, can also use the sea fish treatment, can add it after the fish cooked with right amount (made into paste, can wind dehumidification can acetanilide detumescence.

4, tonifying the kidney and blood

Barang fish is a kind of food material that can replenish blood. It can not only provide some trace elements of iron for the human body, but also provide some trace elements that can promote the absorption of iron. It can replenish qi and blood, relieve blood deficiency, anemia and body deficiency and other adverse symptoms.In addition, barang fish can also tonifying the kidney, it can reduce swelling and improve kidney function, usually it and angelica together to cook soup to drink, can let it tonifying the kidney and blood effect get better play.

Barang fish are distributed in the sea areas of our country, to the East China Sea, the South China Sea more.Its meat can be fresh and salted edible, containing 22.7 grams of protein and 2.9 grams of fat per 100 grams.After the fish is caught, it should be processed in time and kept for a long time. Otherwise, because of the high content of histamine acid in the meat, a large amount of histamine will be produced, which will cause allergic food poisoning after eating.So be sure to pay attention to the freshness when buying balang fish.