Abalone with a runny heart -- a bite of abalone and a bite of gold
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2021-03-09 14:53:19

   "Runny Heart of Greed" means that after the abalone is dried and bloated, it is boiled until the center part is sticky and soft. The center part of the abalone is semi-liquid and does not coagulate. When you eat the abalone, the texture is soft and firm, and the taste like jelly.Each bite has a slight feeling of sticking to the teeth, like rice cakes.

   To make a runny abalone, which is dried several times, fresh abalone does not have a sweet heart.Dried abalone is darker and brownish in color, with a strong sugar flavor (derived from the protein transformation of the fresh abalone) and abalone flavor, which is different from the raw dried abalone.

   A layer of white frost will appear on the surface of dry and runny abalone when it is stored for a period of time, which is caused by the surface of protein of abalone. It does not damage the quality of abalone, but is one of the important marks of top quality abalone.

   The technique of drying dry and runny abalone varies from family to family, but the ingredients are the same: the fresh and larger abalone must be selected, and it is difficult for small abalone to produce a decent runny dry abalone.Stale abalone, whose proteins are dead, cannot be processed into a runny abalone.

   The same 100 kg fresh abalone is processed into dry abalone, and the runny dry abalone is about 90% of the raw and sun-dried abalone, so we will find that the volume of the runny dry abalone is larger than that of the raw and sun-dried abalone, which is one of the reasons why the price of the runny dry abalone is more expensive than that of the raw and sun-dried abalone.