The academic annual meeting of China Fisheries Society with the theme of "innovation drives green de
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:38:51

In November 9-10, "innovation-driven green November 9-10", co-sponsored by China Fisheries Society and Jiangxi Fisheries Society, the academic annual meeting of China Fisheries Society in 2017, co-sponsored by China Fisheries Society and Jiangxi Fisheries Society with the theme of "innovation drives green development", was held in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province. It came from national fisheries-related research institutes, more than 530 experts and scholars from colleges and universities and aquatic science and technology workers from all over the country attended the meeting. The Meeting discussed and exchanged extensively the latest research progress in many fields related to aquatic products.

Jia Xiaoping, the chairman of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Zhang Wen, the deputy secretary general of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Huang Shuolin, the 11th chairman of the Asian Fisheries Society, Deng Xiaohua, the vice president of Nanchang University, Zhang Jinbao, the director of Jiangxi fisheries bureau, and Wu Xiaoping, the chairman of Jiangxi Fisheries Society attended the conference.

Zhang Wenzai said in his speech that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main social contradictions in our country have been transformed. The new judgment, new strategy and new deployment put forward in the party's the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China report, it points out the direction for the development of China's fishery and puts forward new requirements for the vast number of scientific and technological workers. The Chinese Fisheries Society will continue to devote itself to promoting the development of aquatic disciplines and independent scientific and technological innovation, promoting the integration of key technologies and the application of models in the industry, and promoting the popularization of Aquatic Science and personnel training. We are marching on the new journey of modern fishery construction. We hope that the vast number of Aquatic Science and technology workers will adhere to the problem orientation under the guidance of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping new era, focus on the major scientific and technological needs of unbalanced and insufficient fishery development, play the role of the first driving force of scientific and technological innovation, and provide strong scientific and technological support for promoting the transformation and upgrading of fishery and improving the quality and competitiveness of fishery supply system.

On behalf of the Asian Fisheries Society, Huang Shuolin congratulated the holding of the annual meeting. He said that the academic annual meeting of the Chinese Fisheries Society has become a brand and its promoting effect on China's fishery science and technology is obvious. At the same time, as the chief editor of China's first aquatic English periodical Aquaculture and Fisheries, I hope to work with you to complete this periodical well.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Dong Shuanglin of Ocean University of China, Professor Liu Shaojun of Hunan Normal University, researcher Wang Lumin of East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Aquatic Sciences, tan Zhixin, a researcher at the Institute of fishery machinery and instruments of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, made a speech entitled "environmental storm, marine supervision-challenges and opportunities faced by aquaculture, one-step method of fish hybridization and multi-step breeding technology, discussion on development strategy of far-reaching marine aquaculture, current situation and prospect of development of energy saving and emission reduction technology in fishery report of the General Assembly.

The conference has 6 sub-venues, which respectively carry out aquatic biotechnology, aquatic resources and environment, aquatic fishing, water ecology, aquatic breeding, aquatic feed and nutrition, aquatic animal medicine, aquatic medicine, there are 11 special academic reports on aquatic products processing and utilization, aquaculture and fishery management, and more than 310 abstracts of papers have been received at the annual meeting.