Hainan Chengmai Qiaotou goldfish breeding development and growth "taste beauty" is highly praised by
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"The taste is really good and fresh. The fish is delicious and tender. Where does this fish come from?" At noon on November 13, the interview team of "discover a beautiful new Hainan" 2017 National key network media Hainan warm journey large theme activity came to Xiaoyu village in Lingao county for dinner. When the waiter served a plate of fried goldfish, reporters were attracted by the color, aroma and shape of this dish. Xue Peipei from Huashang website praised the "taste beauty" of the goldfish after tasting it. This dish, which was praised by more than 60 editors of network media all over the country, was produced in the goldfish breeding base in Qiaotou town, Chengmai. It "traveled" from Chengmai to Lingao small fishing village early in the morning, waiting for the arrival of network media reporters.

There is a saying in the mouth of Hainan fishermen: the first fish, the second (máng) fish, the third and the fourth. Jin Hui is one of the Pomfret "first meat" among fishermen. Jin Hui is the "first choice" of fishermen who know fish best because of its delicious taste, golden yellow color and difficulty in fishing in the deep sea ", gold Pomfret once became a rare thing.

In recent years, with the continuous development of Hainan fishery, Jin Yu, a rare thing, has now entered the homes of ordinary people. What is rare is that, it is one of the few fish species with no less flavor than that of the wild. Moreover, after frozen processing, the fleshy fiber will not become thicker like most other fishes, and the flavor can be maintained simply by freezing, it is similar to the fresh flavor and is very suitable for breeding and promotion.

In the past, the seedlings of mackerel were relatively expensive, the basic investment in breeding was relatively high, and the scale of breeding could not be expanded. Local villagers rarely enter the Jin Hui breeding industry, but the demand for Jin Hui at home and abroad is increasing day by day. Chengmai Baotong Yili aquaculture professional cooperative seized this good opportunity for development. In 2011, it began to establish a goldfish breeding base in Chengmai bridge and started the business of Hainan large-scale model breeding goldfish.

"Chengmai is a famous hometown of longevity in the world, with superior overall environment and less pollution. The built deep sea cage breeding center is located in Beibu Gulf area of Qiaotou town, Chengmai County, where the water flow is large and the salinity is moderate, and the bottom is sediment texture, with an average water depth of 19.4 meters, which is the best site for net cage breeding industry. The meat of the golden fungus raised here is more elastic and has a better body shape." Li Gan, the relevant person in charge of Chengmai Baotong Yili aquaculture professional cooperative, said.

It is understood that Chengmai Baotong Yili aquaculture professional cooperative takes advantage of Chengmai Qiaotou's geographical resources to vigorously develop ecological goldfish breeding. At present, 100 new Typhoon-resistant large deep-water cages have been built and 6 million goldfish have been cultivated, the production is 7 million catties, and the fishing ground has been awarded the certification of aquatic healthy breeding farm and pollution-free agricultural products producing area by the Ministry of Agriculture. At the same time, the product has also obtained the pollution-free product certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, and has now become one of the four major breeding bases in Hainan.

After several years of development, the cooperative has continuously improved from hardware such as breeding production equipment to the allocation of various professional and technical personnel, various management systems and operating procedures, ensuring the safety and health quality of products. At the same time, the cooperative passed the certification of ISO-9001 quality management system in December 23, 2016, further promoting the long-term development and product quality of the cooperative.

Baotong Yili aquaculture professional cooperative is not satisfied with breeding only goldfish. In order to let more ordinary people eat fresh sea fish, they cooperate with hainanhai Pinji Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd, using Qiaotou high-quality goldfish as raw material, further development and processing of goldfish have been carried out. After more than two years of research and development and improvement, the brand of South China fishing style Deep Sea goldfish has been developed, it is made of completely manual belly removal, cheek removal, cleaning and fine cutting, and is prepared with natural light sea salt water and vacuum encapsulation. While maintaining the delicious flavor of fresh seafood, taking into account the advantages of convenient cooking and carrying, it has become one of Hainan Chengmai specialties.

Li Gan, the relevant person in charge of the cooperative, said that Baotong Yili cooperative will continue to expand the scale of breeding and invest in the construction of offshore fishing platform to further promote the development of island "tourism +" and create Island Leisure, fisherman experience, the ecological leisure and vacation chain, which focuses on fishing and entertainment, organically combines the development of leisure fishery and tourism, and strives to walk out of a new road of ecological breeding and tourism development. "Discover a beautiful new Hainan" 2017 National key network media Hainan warm travel large-scale theme activity is hosted by Hainan Daily newspaper group, hosted by Nanhai network, the propaganda department of Lingao County Committee of the Communist Party of China, the propaganda department of Changjiang Li autonomous county committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Oriental Municipal Committee, the propaganda department of the CPC Wuzhishan Municipal Committee, the propaganda department of the Yazhou district committee of Sanya city, Hainan Forest City Resort Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Hainan Qiziwan Kaiyuan resort, hainanhai Pinji Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd, hainan fruit Island Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Hainan sanchu xinhaifu Catering Management Co., Ltd., etc.