Jianning county, Fujian province carries out investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of qu
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:30:24

Over the past few days, the Jianning County brigade of Chinese fishery administration has organized Fishery Administration inspectors to go deep into all fishery breeding units in the county to carry out the investigation and rectification of the hidden dangers of aquatic product quality and safety, from the source of production to ensure the "bite safety" of the broad masses of the people ".

It is reported that the focus of this investigation is: whether the fishery breeding units have stored or used prohibited animal (fishery) drugs, human drugs or crude drugs not listed in the fishing variety list, and whether the "three records" are complete, whether there is random abandonment, sales of dead breeding organisms, whether the production environment is clean and sanitary, etc. Law enforcement officers comprehensively grasp the situation of breeding production by checking the breeding production site of fishery breeding units on the spot and talking with owners, etc, fishing medicine and breeding "three records" should be carefully checked.

Up to now, the brigade has dispatched 32 fishery law enforcement personnel, investigated 8 fishery breeding units, and listed 17 hidden dangers that may cause the quality and safety of aquatic products one by one, on the spot, the fishery breeding units and the main industries were ordered to make serious rectification according to the list; And follow up and supervise the rectification to ensure that the rectification is in place. At the same time, the brigade also requires the breeding production units and industries to seriously implement the main responsibility for the quality and safety of fishery breeding products, strengthen self-discipline, improve the awareness of responsibility for the quality and safety of fishery breeding products, cultivate scientifically and use drugs rationally, strictly implement the drug withdrawal period system to ensure the quality and safety of listed aquatic products.