2018 Xiamen International aquaculture exhibition simultaneous conference "wisdom Fishery Forum"
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:29:51

Time: April 20, 2018 Location: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

China is the world's largest aquaculture country, and its aquaculture output accounts for about 75% of the world's total output. In recent years, in order to prevent overfishing and protect marine ecology, the Chinese government has encouraged the development of efficient aquaculture and deep processing. There is a great demand for high-quality seedlings, efficient breeding equipment, deep processing equipment and water treatment equipment. Realizing sustainable development has become the theme of fishery development at this stage.

Fujian is not only a big fishery province, but also a strong fishery Province. The total output value of fishery ranks among the top three in the country. Fishery economy occupies an important position in the economic development pattern of the whole province. In recent years, the adjustment of Fujian fishery industry structure has been deepening, and the status and role of fishery in agriculture have become more and more prominent. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government have established the development idea of "focusing on breeding, controlling fishing, exploring the ocean and deepening processing. Vigorously develop aquaculture industry, further improve the comprehensive benefits and market competitiveness of fishery, promote the technological progress and industrial process of fishery industry, accelerate the transformation of fishery growth mode, and promote the implementation of sustainable development strategy of fishery.

"2018 Xiamen International aquaculture exhibition" relies on the industrial advantages of Fujian as a big and powerful fishery province, and takes science and technology as the guide to promote the process of fishery modernization. The theme of the exhibition is "science and technology, communication and sustainable development". We are committed to making this exhibition a forum for experts, a stage for businessmen and a bridge for cooperation.

Venue: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 198, Convention and Exhibition Road, Siming district, Xiamen)