Jiangle county, Sanming city, Fujian province takes measures to protect the fishery ecological envir
writer:haizhiyuan | time:2020-08-11 11:22:47

Recently, the fishery administration Brigade and the Hechang office of Jiangle county, Sanming city, Fujian province cooperated closely with the township (town) government and the police station and other departments to carry out coordinated operations to crack down on electricity, poison, fish frying and other illegal acts as the main content of the protection of the ecological environment of the waters and fisheries, has achieved good results.

First, departments cooperate to crack down on electricity, poison and fish. The county fishery administration Brigade earnestly implements the main responsibility of fishery resources protection, and severely crack down on illegal acts that damage fishery ecological resources such as electricity, poison and fish frying. Since the beginning of this year, we have cooperated with the county river chief office, township (town) governments, police stations and other departments to investigate and deal with a number of influential cases. According to statistics, 54 sets of electric fish equipment were confiscated, 2 fishing boats were confiscated, and 2 certificates of revoking fishing vessels were given.

The second is to carry out contract in the reach and implement Group prevention and treatment. In view of the frequent occurrence of electricity and poisonous fish, the county agriculture bureau actively carried out publicity and education on fishery laws and regulations, and jointly issued "about cracking down on electricity, poisonous fish, the notice of fish-frying illegal behavior was widely posted throughout the county and broadcast on the county television station. The propaganda vehicles were used to carry out the propaganda of fishery laws and regulations at the time when the masses in the markets of villages and towns were concentrated, distribute propaganda materials related to fishery laws and regulations to the masses of markets, make fixed propaganda warning signs in key reach, announce the reporting telephone number of fishery violations to the public, and implement the 24-hour duty system of reporting telephone number, the county fishery administration brigade linked with the police 110 and rushed to the scene for inspection in time. In order to effectively solve the problems of wide range of supervision points of fishery law enforcement and weak law enforcement force, the county agriculture bureau actively explores to contract the river course of the township (town) to the local villagers in the form of contract to carry out the development of fishery breeding, the contract stipulates that the contractor must put a certain number of Fry (species) into the contracted reach every year, and the contractor shall not use banned methods such as electricity, poison, fish frying, etc. for fishing, and find electricity, poison, in case of fish frying, The Contractor shall promptly stop and promptly report to the County Fishery Administration Brigade for investigation and punishment, and do a good job in protecting the ecological resources and environment in the reach. Since 2014, 11 river sections in Dayuan Township, Bailian town, Wan'an town and Anren township have been contracted by the local masses to carry out fishery breeding. The masses have invested more than 300,000 fish species of all kinds. Through the development of contracted fishery breeding in the reach, the number of contracted fishery population in the reach increased significantly, and the number of illegal acts such as electric fish and poisonous fish decreased significantly.

The third is to take publicity and education as the starting point and combine congestion. Through carrying out publicity and education on relevant laws and regulations, the public can effectively raise their awareness of the importance of protecting fishery ecological resources and consciously resist illegal fishing. The Wanquan Township government, together with the county Hechang office and the County Fishery Administration brigade, held a fisherman Forum in the propaganda activities of fishery ecological environment protection in Wanquan Township. The County Fishery Administration Brigade and the police station respectively publicized the fishery law and criminal law, publicize the legal responsibilities of illegal electricity, poison and fish frying. The fishery administration Brigade and the township and river chief office signed the "Commitment Letter of prohibition of electricity, poison and fish frying" to fishermen, and the Wanquan Township government issued a policy that all fishermen who voluntarily handed in electric fish equipment within the specified time, according to the degree of the old and new electric fish equipment, it will be recycled at 30% to 50% of the market price, and then replaced with the corresponding value of the fishing net that meets the requirements of the mesh for fishermen to engage in normal fishing operations. This measure has been widely recognized by fishermen. Through the "sparse" method, it not only prevents fishermen from "unemployment", but also protects fishery ecological resources well. At the same time, announce the telephone number for reporting illegal acts of electricity, poison and fish-frying to the public, and incorporate the prohibition of electricity, poison and fish-frying into the village rules and regulations, so as to give full play to the role of the township and village governor system and the police station, once illegal fishing is found, it will be resolutely cracked down.